Wellness & Preventative Care


Sometimes our furry friends become unwell or do something that just isn’t quite normal for them. At times like this it’s good to know you can ring Weston Woden Animal Hospital and we can make a time to see your pet. Usually we can see them within 48hrs for non-urgent matters and in cases of emergencies then we can organize to have them seen straight away.

Our examinations are comprehensive with a focus on the area of concern. If there are multiple issues, we also have the availability of an extended consultation to allow for all of these issues to be addressed. Please discuss your concerns with our receptionists who will book a consultation that is appropriate for you and your pet.


All pets should be vaccinated to prevent against potentially fatal diseases. Here at Weston Woden Animal Hospital we recommend the vaccination of dogs against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and ‘canine cough’ (Bordetella and Parainfluenza). We use a 3-year combined vaccine for parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis, and a yearly vaccine against ‘canine cough’.

For our cats we recommend a standard annual vaccine against feline enteritis, rhinotracheitis and panleukopenia virus. If your cat goes outside, then we recommend the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV, feline aids) vaccination. FIV is spread primarily through fighting.

We recommend vaccinating rabbits every 6 months against Calicivirus. Unfortunately there is no vaccination in Australia available against the Myxomatosis virus.

Our consultations for vaccination include a health check where we will sure your pet is maintained at the highest standard of health.


Did you know that it is the law in the ACT to have all puppies, kittens, dogs and cats microchipped? A microchip is a small silicon chip, the size of a grain of rice that is implanted under your pet’s skin. The chip contains a unique identification number that identifies the pet’s owner through an animal registry. The microchip stays for life and provides your pet with the best form of permanent identification available. Implanting a microchip is a relatively painless, harmless once-off procedure and all our veterinarians are qualified to implant microchips.

At Weston Woden Animal Hospital we provide microchip-only appointments. If you choose to implant the microchip at the time of another procedure (vaccination, desexing etc.), we provide a reduced microchipping fee. The microchip fee includes the cost of the microchip, the implantation and lifetime registration on an easily accessible, Australia-wide animal registry.

Parasite Control

We can provide advice and supply you with the best parasite control for your pet including:

  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Intestinal worming
  • Other parasites as identified by the veterinarian.
  • Nutritional advice and weight watchers clinic
  • Pet Food and Supplies
  • Pet Food

We stock a large range of Hills Science Diet© and Royal Canin© prescription diets, which may be recommended by our veterinarians for the management of specific dog and cat health problems,  at prices that are very competitive. Our veterinarians and reception team are happy to assist in selecting the most appropriate diet for your pet.

reception products

Pet Supplies

We stock a large range of pet supplies and accessories, and our knowledgeable receptionists are always available to assist you in making the correct purchase for your pet. Products in stock include:

  • Flea and worm treatments
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Feliway diffusers and refills
  • Dental care products

If we don’t happen to stock the particular size or shape of product that is most suitable for your pet, we are more than happy to order it in for you.

Puppy preschool

Puppy classes are a great way of socialising your puppy with other puppies (of varying size and breed), humans and new environments. 

While we do not yet offer puppy classes at Weston Woden, several of our sister clinics do, including Molonglo, Kippax and Queanbeyan Vets.  All puppies between the ages of 8-14 weeks are welcome to start these classes. We require all puppies attending puppy preschool to be up to date with their vaccinations – having had at least their first vaccination against parvovirus, canine infectious hepatitis, canine distemper virus, bordetella and parainfluenza. This vaccination is known as a C5. Please check with one of our receptionists or veterinarians if your puppy is up to date with its vaccinations and ready for preschool! If not we can arrange an appointment to rectify this.


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