Weston Woden Animal Hospital has facilities to provide the best level of medical care to your pet. We have on-site diagnostics, comfortable dog and cat wards, and an up-to-date pharmacy (See also Facilities). We have kind, competent and qualified nurses attending all our in-hospital patients. Those patients requiring fluid therapy are maintained on a constant individually tailored rate delivered by fluid pumps. Fluid therapy is used to rehydrate our pets, correct electrolyte balances, diurese waste products and maintain blood pressure during anaesthesia. We also have the ability to combine multiple fluids or intravenous drugs through this system

Radioactive Iodine Therapy

Weston Woden Animal Hospital is proud to have be partnered with a clinic that offers Radioactive Iodine therapy. This allows us to perform the best, most up-to-date method of treating feline hyperthyroidism. The capsule that is given to cats suffering from hyperthyroidism releases the radioactive component which attacks only the affected cells in the thyroid.

Stem Cell therapy

Weston Woden Animal Hospital is pleased to offer stem cell therapy as one of the latest treatment for osteoarthritis in pets (dogs, cats, horses). Cutting edge technology is used to extract stem cells from your pets fatty tissue. These cells are then activated and administered to your pets affected joints where they will stimulate healing and alleviate inflammation and pain.


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