We have a large, friendly patient-orientated reception area. Our reception staff consists of our dedicated reception team and our trained veterinary nurses so any medical queries or emergencies can be dealt with in a prompt and appropriate manner. Our reception team are happy to make appointments for you and your pet, arrange admission for procedures, order medications, provide advice and sell non-prescription medications and foods.

Consultation Room

Consultation Rooms

We have two dedicated consultation rooms. These rooms are fully equipped and have easy access to our pharmacy and hospital for efficient and comprehensive service. 

Bella and Daphne

Hospitalisation  Wards

Weston Woden Animal Hospital has a dedicated ward for dogs with cages of various sizes as well as several large outdoor runs. For our feline patients we have cages of varying sizes, sitting at varying heights. We appreciate that cats may feel safer snuggling in a cosy cage higher up off the ground, away from any unnecessary interactions with dogs. All our hospital cages have thick and comfortable bedding or igloos and the rooms are air-conditioned/heated for optimum patient comfort.

Isolation Ward

The hospital has a dedicated isolation ward to allow us to provide high level care to infectious patients. When this room is not in use we often utilize it for the comfort of wildlife awaiting transport to ACT Wildlife.

Preparation Room

The hospital has a large, fully equipped preparation room where your pets are prepared for procedures and monitored post-operatively. We also utilize this space for dental procedures.

Surgery room


The clinic has a large sterile surgery unit, fully equipped with a gaseous anaesthetic machine and comprehensive monitoring systems. This allows us to perform surgery on all animals, whether it be for routine desexings or more complex soft tissue or orthopaedic conditions. We also have an autoclave to maintain our surgical equipment at a high level of sterility.

Diagnostic Imaging

We have a dedicated diagnostic imaging room containing x-ray machine, ultrasound, ECG and blood pressure facilities. We also have access to various diagnostic tools including an endoscope and tonometer. 


Weston Woden Animal Hospital has an extensive laboratory equipped with haematology and biochemistry blood machines, refractometer, urine dipsticks, and a microscope. External laboratories are also utilised by the hospital to offer specialised laboratory tests.


We have a comprehensive pharmacy on-site allowing medications (both prescription and non-prescription) to be dispensed at the time of consultation. Repeat prescriptions can be arranged by contacting our reception team and will be available for collection in 24 hours. In some cases, you will be required to bring your pet in for a health check to determine that ongoing treatment (of the same or differing type) is still appropriate.

We are also able to order specially compounded or unusual medications on an individual basis through one of our compounding pharmacy associates. Such orders may take 3-5 days after ordering.


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