KennelsWhile we are first and foremost a veterinary hospital, we also have a small holiday care facility for both dogs and cats.

We provide short term holiday care for your pets, but, when it comes to dogs, we like to prioritise pets that have “special needs”. Your pet may fit into this category if they are an elderly dog with arthritis, if they are on medications, if they are blind or if they have mobility issues and can’t be boarded at a regular facility. However, if you are a current client of our vet hospital and we have the room available, we are happy to provide holiday care for your young and healthy dogs.

Our kennels and cattery are heated during winter and air-conditioned during summer so that your fur babies are always as comfortable as possible. 

While we are more than happy for you to bring food for your pet from home, we are also able to provide food for them at no extra cost. For our canine guests we provide a high-quality dry food - Hills Science Diet Adult. Alternatively, we can provide Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low-Fat food for those dogs with a sensitive tummy. On top of this we have several options for fussy dogs such as chicken and mince. For our feline friends we provide a premium Hills Science Diet dry food, but can also provide prescription diets such as Hills i/d, Hills k/d, Hills Vet Essentials, and Royal Canin Urinary S/O. We also have wet food options and extras such as chicken and tuna.

If you have any specific questions regarding our holiday care, please call us, send an email, or pop in to the clinic and have a chat to our friendly staff.


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